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Upgrade your training.

Elite Training for all Rowers 



We are Hydra. We want to help take your training to the next level and allow you to perform and train with athletes and coaches who share your drive.

With high level technical, physical and mental coaching we will develop a robust programme to help you meet your athletic goals - Forging the athlete you want to become.

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Tailored plans

Your programme is more than just a list of assigned workouts and prescribed pain. It is membership of the elite and we look after our own.

For Individuals, Teams and Crews.

Our Service:

  • Daily workouts and sessions tailored to your needs and schedule, created by our coaches and personal trainers. 

  • Weekly review of training and analysis of technique by our head coach. 

  • Monthly data analysis to review training.

  • 24/7 troubleshooting support from our coaches and trainers.

  • Access to our Invitation only easter and summer camps.

To get started, Contact us.

"Harry just gets masters rowing. He clearly understands the underlying technical aspects of rowing and how to apply them practically.  He has a unique knack of bringing out the best in rowers, getting them to believe in themselves to over achieve their self set targets. He knows more about your rowing than you do!"

Janet Dutton, Masters Rower

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