Our Mission

We use our experience to engineer the perfect programme for you and your goals. No matter your level or your experience we want to work with you to design and deliver a training plan which is right for you to help you become one of the finest and fastest masters lining up at any start line. 

To help you get the most from your training we will work with you, your schedule and your goals to forge the programme which is research backed and right for you. We want to help add structure and understanding to your training to allow you to reach the next level of your training.

We use our years of rowing and coaching experience along with research backed training methods to maximise your potential and enhance your training programme. Wether you are joining us for a few months, while recovering from injury, or a few years, we would love to work with you and for you so that you can fine tune your engine.

We will manage your training and analyse your data so that you can focus on what is important - the hard work. We work both with private clients to achieve their personal goals and with our invitational Men's and Women's Programmes to put together formidable crews to dominate the competition. To find out more see our Personal Programmes Page or Contact us.

Our team

Harry Henderson.

Founder, Head Coach

Harry is a level 2 qualified Rowing Coach and Gym Instructor with further qualifications for working with children. 

Harry has previously worked at a number of rowing clubs, schools and camps across the UK refining his coaching process by learning from former olympic champions and coaches.

Harry has a wealth of experience in working with all ages, abilities and expectations, from those looking to get slightly fitter to individuals who go on to compete for national teams.

Callum Garforth.

Specialist Trainer

Callum is a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and Advanced Trainer with further experience competing at a National level.

Callum has developed his knowledge of Strength and endurance training, working in a London based gym, serving clients with a range of abilities and expectations. 

Callum's in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology is applied to every programme written to ensure that we are actively working to prevent injury and keep you on the water. 

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